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Dumbarton Concerts
Historic Dumbarton Church
3133 Dumbarton Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007


3133 Dumbarton St NW
Washington, DC, 20007



Our Story

Our Story

Your Home for Great Music

Dear Reader, 

Founded in 1979 as a chamber music concert series, Dumbarton Concerts/Inner City-Inner Child, Inc. is a music, arts, and education organization that is doing extraordinary work in Washington, DC.  

Mission: Dumbarton Concerts/Inner City-Inner Child presents programs that promote diversity, community, accessibility, and a love of music and learning throughout greater Washington, DC. The Dumbarton Concerts music series showcases established and emerging artists for multi-generational and international audiences and creates a community for patrons and music lovers. Inner City-Inner Child improvesacademic achievement, and uplifts and inspires children ages 0 to 5 in DC’s most economically disadvantaged communities using the transformative power of the arts. 

Our two programs work hand in hand to develop new patrons and individual donors, cultivate foundation resources, and create earned revenue streams to benefit the entire organization. Our binary leadership model creates organizational stability and keeps our leaders connected to the programs and the measurable results of our work.   

Come along and join our community of music and education lovers. Help us bring chamber music to a new generation of Washingtonians and end the educational inequities that affect Washington, DC's youngest, most under-served children. Together, let’s make music for good. 


Shelley Brown and Ingrid Zimmer

Dumbarton United Methodist Church

Dumbarton United Methodist Church has served the Georgetown community since 1720, which makes the congregation one of the oldest continuing Methodist congregations in the world. The sanctuary features beautiful stained glass windows installed from 1898-1900, an organ originally powered by a water engine, and Abraham Lincoln’s pew.

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